10 Best Mountaineering Tents for Professional Mountaineers

10 Best Mountaineering Tents in 2019

Scaling a mountain is an experience of a lifetime. However, spending time in the ice-covered terrains and in cold weather is a daunting task for many.

There are numerous mountaineering tents available in the market to help mountaineers face this challenge.

A mountaineering tent can withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions. It provides ample comfort and extra warmth in cold weather. They are comfy, warm, and safe to spend your nights and leisure time in the mountains.

However, numerous options for tents in the market can confuse you. But don’t worry! We have a list of the 10 best mountaineering tents of 2019 along with their features.

1. The North Face Assault 2 Tent

The North Face Assault 2 Tent

While heading up the mountains, your tent has to withstand frost, wind, and winter storms. Besides being sturdy, your tent needs to be breathable and lightweight. The North Face Assault 2 tent features all of these characteristics.

With a minimal weight of 3 pounds and 4 ounces, this is the all-time-best mountaineering tent.

Its tested fabrics and frame are suitable for high altitude expeditions.

The canopy of the tent has 50D Drywall (polyester) while the floor, vestibule, and mesh are of 40D, 20D, and 30D nylon respectively. The PU (Polyurethane) outer also has full silicone finish that fights off moisture.

The floor area of Assault 2 is 27.3 square feet. It is not that wide, but the extensive zip-off vestibule helps for extra storage. With improved waterproofing, the tent provides weather protection against rainstorms and snow. The walls and multiple vents help in smooth breathability.

This tent features two mesh doors – a front door and an escape hatch. The reliable construction makes it resilient to high winds. The blizzard poles assist the firm placement and interior design supports overall stability.

Even at a reasonable price, North Face Assault 2 delivers ultimate protection, comfort, and support. If you are a serious outdoor enthusiast, you should not miss this one!


2. Hilleberg Jannu Camping Tent

Hilleberg Jannu Camping Tent

If you are looking for a reliable, spacious, and super-strong tent, then Hilleberg Jannu Camping tent is the one for you. This is a perfect alpine tent with a full compact design. The tent weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces and has a wide floor area of 34.4 square feet.

Constructed with solid Kerlon 1200, the tent is double-walled yet lightweight. The supporting poles are aluminum. These materials provide better durability while camping. Also, the material is rigid with a minimum tear strength of 12 kg.

It differs from other tents with many appealing features. First is the double-wall that supports superior airflow and ventilation. Second is the interior space which is expandable by dropping the walls. This also helps to keep the tent warmer and shielded.

Including a tiny footprint and single vestibule, Hilleberg Jannu tent is ideal for limited space. This is a dome-style tent that easily adapts to all setbacks. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for alpine climbers and mountaineers.

With the reduced weight, the tent lasts for an extended time. It is simple to set up. It has good waterproof and sunproof ratings too.

Overall, Jannu is far more versatile than any hardcore mountaineering tent. Every penny spent on this tent is worth it.


3. Black Diamond Eldorado

Black Diamond Eldorado

For those who opt for a lightweight yet sturdy tent, Black diamond Eldorado is the one. Eldorado is a single-walled mountaineering tent with incredible durability, weather-resistance and lightness. It weighs 4 pounds and 8 ounces and has a floor area of 30.8 square feet.

The primary material of the tent is Toddtex fabric. However, the rain fly material is lightweight silicone-treated nylon ripstop. The 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating delivers excellent weather protection.

The fabric used in the tent holds the body heat and keeps the tent warm inside. The tent is simple yet effective. It also provides adequate space, though it lacks vestibule and second entrance. There are two internal aluminum poles that make it easy to set up. Moreover, the two zippered vents at the peak help to reduce condensation.

Another plus point of the tent is that it holds tightly to the ground even in unexpected weather. It is because of the oversized loops that provide extra stability and security.

Further, taped seams at the fabric joints prevent dripping of water or dew. The multiple stakeout loops provide secure anchoring in winds and storms. Also, the four internal mesh pockets keep your stuff organized.


4. The North Face Mountain 25 Tent

The North Face Mountain 25 Tent

Choosing the most suitable tent for mountaineering is important, but it’s not an easy task. The North Face Mountain 25 Tent is a mountaineering tent that can endure all the mountain extremities. It weighs 8 pounds and 13 ounces with a floor area of 32.5 square feet.

The tent is constructed with a 40D nylon ripstop. The fabric ventilates well and is easy to set up and to take down. The 1500mm PU/silicon coating creates a highly water-resistant shelter. The double-walled construction makes it best for mountaineering and alpine weather.

It is fully taped and has a nylon bucket floor for added structure. The high strength of reflective guy-lines helps to attach at multiple points. The combination of DAC poles and stakes is perfect. The combination helps to deliver a unique strength-to-weight ratio.

With ample space, it has two plus dual doors with a vestibule exit. And you can easily check the weather through the PU (polyurethane) port window. The PU port window can bear temperatures up to -60 °F/-51 °C.

It also has 8 interior pockets and stuff pockets within the tent doors. Other notable features are high-low venting, glow in the dark, color-coded zipper pulls and plentiful internal hanger loops.

These features fulfill all required purposes and withstand every possible condition on a mountain.


5. Nemo Chogori Tent

Nemo Chogori Tent

A bit pricey but high in quality, Nemo Chogori is a lightweight mountaineering tent weighing just 6 pounds and 13 ounces. The floor area of the tent is 36.3 square feet. You will have a pleasant stay in it.

The fabric of the tent is 20D nylon ripstop while the rain fly and floor are of 30D silicone/nylon ripstop and 70D PU nylon respectively. These silicone-treated fabrics are strong, durable, and free from toxic fire reactants.

Also, the fabric offers excellent ventilation with two zippered roof vents. There is also a vestibule space that has a window for visibility.

Build with double-wall and external pole structure, the tent is easy to set up. Nemo Chogori doesn’t compromise on anything. The strong DAC poles and silicone-treated nylon proves the point. Their combination helps for added durability and weatherproofing. This also reduces the weight while on the terrain.

A simple design, quick set-up, sturdy poles and walks, and portable weight makes Nemo Chogori extremely versatile. And all these come at a good price. Therefore, this is an excellent option for mountaineering and other winter adventures.


6. Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent

Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent

Classy and sturdy, the Black Diamond Fitzroy tent is a new revolution in the world of 4-season single-walled tents. The tent is well-suited for mountaineers and high alpine backpackers. The weight and floor area of the tent is 6 pounds 4 ounces and 36 square feet respectively.

The body and floor of the tent contain waterproof Todd-Tex ePTFE fabric. The breathable fabrication sheds off snowfall/rainfall, storms, and breathes exceptionally to reduce condensation. There is no problem of dripping as all seams and fabric joints are sealed well.

Being single-walled, Fitzroy has the freestanding low-profile design that eliminates excess weight. The aluminum poles crisscross the inner wall providing superior strength. The poles don’t require thread sleeves and avoid external elements.

There are two doors with four internal mesh pockets. The design helps to keep your stuff organized. And with multiple loops, it provides a secured attachment in windy conditions.

The construction of the tent is rigid with a spacious room for 3 people. If you wish, there is an option to buy vestibule and gear loft for extra performance. You will have to buy them separately.

All these useful aspects make the Black Diamond Fitzroy tent ideal for climbing and mountaineering. Thus, this tent could be your reliable companion for frosty conditions.


7. Big Agnes Shield 2 Vestibule Tent

Big Agnes Shield 2 Vestibule Tent

If you want to try something new for your long exhausting journey, then go for Big Agnes Shield 2 Vestibule tent. This 3-season tent can be a major aid for mountaineers. Weighing 3 pounds and 12 ounces, the floor area of the tent is 28 square feet.

With the fabric nylon, the tent is single-walled with solvent-free polyurethane covering (but no PVC or VOC’s). The main tent body contains 3 layers of high-quality fabrics and an external pole for fast set up. The pole material is DAC featherlight NSL and its diameter is 9 millimeters.

Lightweight in nature, Shied 2 has two zippered fly vents allowing proper condensation and ventilation. There is also a single door that features a weather viewing window.

Big Agnes Shield 2 doesn’t compromise on weather protection at all. All the seams are fully taped and completely waterproof. If you want more security and storage, you can buy an extra vestibule.

It features four interior mesh pockets. There are even heavy-duty reflective guy-lines and reflective webbing for stability. It is also available oversized and has reinforced stake-out loops. This makes it easy to use with skis, ice ax, ski poles, etc.

With a compact footprint and a normal floor area, this tent is a good choice for every kind of winter activity.


8. Rab Latok Mountain 2 Tent

Rab Latok Mountain 2 Tent

Here comes another impeccable gear for mountaineering- Rab Latok Mountain 2 tent. Made with colorful creativity, Latok belongs to the 4-season category. Weighing just 4.06 pounds, this 2-person tent has a floor area of 31.5 square feet.

Latok 2 is a unique single-walled tent with three layers of hardshell eVent fabric. Although the floors consist of 70D coated nylon, the fabrics have excellent rigidity as well as breathability. An exquisite ventilator, Latok is also fully sealed and waterproofed.

The 9.6mm DAC Featherlite NSL poles with stake loops help in easy and secured pitching. This also gives protection against strong winds. There are also additional guy-lines at each corner for solid stability.

Latok Mount is also compatible with an additional vestibule system. Though it is separately sold, it helps for additional space for gear storage. Other features are rear tunnel vent and ‘donut’ loops on top and sides.

The minimal weight with all these features makes it a perfect option for high altitude camping. If you are a die-hard mountaineer searching for a quality tent, Rab Latok Mountain 2 is the one for you.


9. MSR Remote 2 Tent

MSR Remote 2 Tent

MSR Remote 2 tent is a full-on mountaineering tent with substantial features suitable for alpine weather.

The tent weighs 7 pounds and 3 ounces and the floor area is spacious enough, with 33 square feet.

The canopy of the tent is made of 40D ripstop nylon and 15D polyester micro-mesh. The rainfly is of 68D ripstop polyester with 1800mm polyurethane and DWR coating. Whereas, the floor has the 40D ripstop nylon with 10,000mm Durashield PU.

The coating keeps the moisture out and maintains superior breathability. Regarding protection, MSR Remote 2 is a sturdy tent resilient towards heavy wind and snowfalls. But similar to its other versions, there are no storm flaps at the ends.

It features a double-wall design, and there are two doors and two vestibules. The interior space is comfortable for two persons. Also, the spacious vestibule has snow flaps that keep the gears dry.

One issue with the tent is the thick rainfly material that might hinder fluent ventilation. The vents (opening) lies only within the mesh panels of the doors. There are two internal pockets for your stuff storage.

The MSR Remote 2 tent offers the combination of protection and livability for your ultimate comfort.


10. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Tent is a great choice for severe winter conditions. Easily packable and durable, this tent is somewhat heavy at 7 pounds and 3 ounces. The floor area of 34.5 square feet is spacious enough for 3 people.

The outer coating of the tent is of solid polyester which makes it light. However, the material lacks ripstop technology. The higher quality of material protects you against rain, snowfall, hailstorm, etc. The coating can withstand up to 5,000 mm of rain.

The best part of Tasmanian 2 is the large space and good flooring. Plus, the large vent at the top provides sufficient airflow and prevents vapor condensation. The doors can be opened/closed from all sides and are easy to use.

The solid 7000 series aluminum poles support the entire construction. This separates the whole tent body and the parts of poles. This exclusive construction makes them comfy to pack and set-up.

Regarding performance, even with limited resources, it gives fine protection against cold winds. Likewise, this product is resistant to normal wear and tear. Alps Tasmanian 2 tent also includes a UV coating that protects the damage from the scorching sun.

Overall, this bulky tent may not give the best performance compared to others. However, with extra features and a reasonable price, it will surely give you the best value for your money.


Comparison Table of the Best Mountaineering Tent of 2019

ProductTent FabricType of season/Wall(s)Floor AreaWeight
The North Face Assault 2 Tent500D Drywall Polyester and 40D Ripstop Nylon4-Season Single-walled27.3 sq ft3 lb 4 oz
Hilleberg Jannu Camping TentSolid Kerlon 12004-Season Double-walled34.4 sq ft6 lb 2 oz
Black Diamond EldoradoToddtex Single Wall4-Season Single-walled30.8 sq ft4 lb 8 oz
The North Face Mountain 25 Tent40D Nylon Ripstop4-Season Double-walled32.5 sq ft8 lb 13 oz
Nemo Chogori TentSilicone treated Nylon Ripstop4-Season Double-walled36.3 sq ft6 lb 13 oz
Black Diamond Fitzroy TentToddTex (Body and floor)4-Season Single-walled36 sq ft6 lb 4 oz
Big Agnes Shield 2 Vestibule Tent37.5 Active Particle Nylon4-Season Single-walled28 sq ft3 lb 12 oz
Rab Latok Mountain 2 TentHardshell eVent Fabric4-Season Single-walled31.5 sq ft4 lb 1 oz
MSR Remote 2 Tent40D Ripstop Nylon DWR/15D Polyester Micro-Mesh Canopy4-Season Double-walled33 sq ft6 lb 8 oz
ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 TentSolid polyester4-Season Double-walled34.5 sq ft7 lb 3 oz

Features of Mountaineering Tents

Weather Resistance and Insulation

The main purpose of mountaineering tent is to protect you from harsh weather conditions such as wind, snow, or rain. Therefore, mountaineering tents have extra weather resistance and insulation compared to their other counterparts.


The other main feature of a mountaineering tent is its high durability. The use of material like nylon or polyester makes it thicker and heavier. The coating makes the tent withstand harsh weather like snowfall or heavy rainfall.

However, the durability ultimately depends upon the frequency of use and used circumstances.

The durability of the tent will also depend on the thickness of the tent walls and floor. Thinner materials are more prone to being punctured by rocks or sticks.

Shape and Support

As opposed to a regular tent, mountaineering tent has the external framework of metal poles. It supports and shapes the entire structure. This also helps to create more space and comfort inside the tent. The more the floor area of the tent, the more comfortable you will be.

Thick Door Mesh

Another important feature is the presence of thick mesh doors. It complements the fabric door sealed with inner zipper pulls. Alongside, it also features two doors instead of one. This helps you to get in and out easily and also allows proper ventilation while climbing.

Ample Space for Storage

Mountaineering tents have enough storage space. You will have ample room for yourself. You will also find a vestibule at one end of the tent. It is ideal for the storage of all mountaineering gears. The gear storage space is also comparatively larger than other tents.

Furthermore, the tent itself doesn’t take much space to get folded and packed. This makes it suitable for casual weekends too.

How to Choose a Mountaineering Tent?

It is a challenge to find the best one for your mountaineering adventure from hundreds of mountaineering tents available. To ease the process, you can consider a few features of the tents and get an idea of which suits you in the mountains. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to before choosing a mountaineering tent.

The Material of the Shell

The materials used in the mountaineering tent are different than regular ones. The shell material varies from nylon blends to canvas. The material is heavily coated, which helps easy sliding of rain and snow.

The double-wall construction comprises of lightweight and breathable fabric, and the outer layer is of completely waterproof and windproof material. This feature is essential to look after as they determine the level of water resistance and insulation.


When you are carrying things on your back at high altitudes, every ounce counts. Thus, you would definitely want the lightest tent possible. Still, the mountaineering tents can weigh more than the regulars.

There are ultralight tents weighing less than a pound. Usually, the mountaineering tent weighing 4-6 pounds is the most comfortable and spacious.

Sufficient Breathability

It is obvious that the volume of oxygen at high altitude is very less. Many mountaineers might have breathing problems and suffocation at such conditions. So, it is very important that your tent allows for fluent ventilation and prevents condensation. Thus, you have to choose a tent that has a breathable fabric with good venting.

The Sapacity of The Tent

Another factor to consider is the capacity of the tent. The capacity of a mountaineering tent could range from accommodating one to four persons. As there is no standard sizing, you can assume a tight fit. But you can upgrade the size if you want some more space.

Capacity also directly means the probable number of sleepers. Thus, you need a tent enough to fit yourself and your gears. As you will be spending a lot of time in the mountains, you have to as comfortable as possible. You also can opt for tents with a large floor area.

Types of season

Mountaineering tents come in multiple season choices. Thus, the one you are going to buy depends on the season you will be mountaineering in. Basically, you have three-season tents i.e for summer, fall, and spring.

The three-season tents are the most common backpacking tent but they are not great for winters. However, they are lightweight and have 2 doors for improved airflow.

The 4-season tents (Winter Tents) come with a rigid exoskeleton for extreme winter conditions. They are able to handle the wind and even the heavy snowfall. It is also better to carry them in early spring or late fall.


The livability of the tent includes well-placed interior space, ease of access, easy setup and more. The latest designs have opted for more living space without adding weight. This is because of the use of modern materials and fabrics.

The entrance of good mountaineering tent has zip closures. And this should be covered by a flap of fabric. The flysheet and groundsheet seams also are sealed with either tape or glue.


Other features to look for in your mountaineering tent could be:

  • Number of doors – (single or double)
  • Number of poles (as poles help for the right balance of your tent)
  • Ventilation (for good breathability and pleasant sleep)
  • Number of Stakes or guylines

Best Pick

You mandatorily need a tent capable of withstanding harsh alpine conditions. And I bet all the tents mentioned are good for this purpose.

But the best pick among them would be The North Face Mountain 25 Tent and Hilleberg Jannu Camping Tent.

Solid Kerlon 1200 fabrication of Hilleberg Jannu is unique as well as sturdy. It is one lightweight double-walled tent with a fast set-up. This could be the most versatile mountaineering tent with every vital lineament. Likewise, the waterproof and sunproof ratings are unbeatable.

Similarly, the North Face Mount 25 is a hardcore tent with essential ventilation and condensation halt. Made with high-quality materials, the tent is very durable. it works perfectly in harsh weather and comes with all the standard features.