Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes Review

If you’re a beginner climber searching for a good pair of climbing shoes, you need not look any further.

Thankfully, the Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes have become a top answer when any novice climber has to fight hard with this serious concern.

With comfort and durability in mind, this entry-level shoe comes with a double-stitch construction that keeps you safe from having to buy a new pair in a short time. Moreover, the designers have included a Polypropylene midsole to keep your comfort at the utmost priority.

Another great thing to like about this climbing footwear is the manufacturer, Climb X, a US-based company dedicated to creating exceptional climbing shoes & equipment for the climbing enthusiasts. And they have done no less while constructing these Rave shoes.

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Follow this Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes Review.

Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes – The Overview


The Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe is engineered using sturdy leather material that makes it extremely durable. The inclusion of a stiff sole helps you to get adequate foot support while starting your climbing experience.

This footwear, designed with comfort in mind, also blends top-quality features to make it an appropriate option for edging. It is an all-rounder shoe with two-strap Velcro closure systems for easy on and off. The low budget is another great point to appreciate about this climbing footwear.

Pros & Cons

Sturdy and durable constructionLacks high-end performance
Excellent comfortImproper sizing
Great paddingLow sensitivity
Proper grip
Odor resistant
Double-stitched for extra safety
Reasonably priced

Feature Highlights

  • Features high-quality center cut leather with rubber sole
  • Includes organic Hemp footbeds
  • Comes with double-stitched body construction
  • Features padded ankle cuff
  • Includes pre-tensioned downturned last for edging power
  • Comes with padded collar and heel for comfort
  • Features 3-D molded climbing rubber heel for hooking
  • Includes a breathable mesh tongue
  • Features Polypropylene midsole

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 6.1 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: NA
  • Material: Leather
  • Closure: Velcro Strap
  • Downturn: Flat
  • Lining: Organic Hemp lining
  • Fit: Asymmetrical
  • For: Men and Women
  • Designed to Serve: Beginners
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Grey

Here is the basic sizing chart of Climb X Rave Men’s Climbing Shoes:

USClimb X Rave Men’s (Europe)

The major features of this Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe are:


This climbing footwear is designed into a more natural foot shape. It consists of a rigid flat profile, which makes it a comfortable option for the beginners and traditional-pitch climbers as it does not distort the foot. The stiff sole offers excellent support to your feet over long climbs.

Moreover, the Rave features a low asymmetry that offers a good middle ground between forced foot shape and performance. The manufacturers have done a valiant job in padding the collar and the heel of this shoe for excellent comfort. Plus, you won’t feel too suffocated while wearing this climbing shoe as it comes with breathable technology.


This climbing footwear features leather build so that it stretches over time to mold perfectly to your foot shape. If you buy a slightly tight product, in no time, the shoe starts to stretch up to a half or full size.

Performance and Functioning

Overall, the Climb X Rave has a moderate performance. It comes with the Climb X X-Factor rubber that won’t have the grip of other quality rubbers like the Vibram XS edge or the Stealth C4.

This footwear features a velcro closure system that allows for super-quick on and off. Besides, it includes a footbed with an organic hemp lining that is perfect at eliminating shoe smell.

Sensitivity and Durability

As this climbing shoe features a double-stitched body, it earns great points in terms of durability. The double protection ensures you can use this Climb X Rave for a long time, which is more effective if you are a regular climber.

However, though the use of extra rubber aids in the longevity of the footwear, this also makes it low sensitive to the climbing surface. The extra sensitivity is helpful for you to develop your climbing techniques and footwork. But as a beginner, you would prefer comfort over performance, so sensitivity should not come as a significant issue with this Climb X Rave climbing shoe.

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Other Options Worth Exploring

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  • Features AirTex Silver lining to reduce odor
  • Comes with a 3-Layer WashTex external fabric for clean and hygiene
  • Features a wide toe box for precise edging
  • Includes a patented hook-and-loop closure system for a personalized fit
  • Features La Sportiva’s proprietary FriXion ® RS rubber

Evolv Royale Climbing Shoes


  • Designed with leather material
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  • Comes with a breathable mesh tongue with lace pocket and perforated upper
  • Features asymmetrical toe box for long-lasting comfort
  • Features lace-up closure
  • Includes the Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) for increased durability

La Sportiva Boulder X

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  • Features Vibram IdroGrip rubber for excellent performance
  • Features leather uppers combined with beefy rubber rands for comfort
  • Includes mythos lacing system for a highly adaptable and custom fit
  • Features high-cushion EVA layers placed on top of the 2mm polypropylene insoles to cushion your feet on long approaches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This versatile footwear from Climb X is a versatile and all-round climbing shoe for climbers who are opting for sport and for adventuring onto traditional classic routes. For a price-conscious beginner, it is a smart move to snag a pair of these climbing shoes.

Though the pair of Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes are designed specifically for indoor climbing, they can also be used for outdoor climbing. It offers excellent performance during strenuous climbs.

Our Opinion

To sum up, the design and quality of Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes are praised by a majority of climbing enthusiasts. The footwear earns a good trust for its exceptional comfort level and versatile performance. It is affordable, simple, and offers great durability. 

On the downside, the shoe lacks some of the high-end features that are desired by the advanced climbers. Most importantly, sensitivity is essential to hone your climbing techniques and footwork skills. 


However, for a starter who is looking to gain some climbing experience with comfort, this is the best bargain.