Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe Review

Fellow climbers, are you looking for high-friction footwear that fits comfortably and securely for rock climbing?

No worries! You have come to the right place!

We are here to talk about the high-performance climbing shoe with an exceptional grip that comes at a reasonable price.

The product we are talking about is the Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe. It’s the intermediate-level climbing shoe designed by the German manufacturer, Five Ten, which is a child company of the multinational corporation, Adidas.

The brand is reputed as the leader of manufacturing a wide variety of products from outdoor to athletic footwear. When we talk about the shoes designed by Five Ten, we strongly mean quality over price. And climbers, the Hiangle falls under the same category.

Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe – The Overview

Designed with an exclusive stealth rubber sole, the Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe offers great durability. Besides, the footwear has high traction that eliminates the danger of falling. It is made of split-grain leather that is very thick and a flesh split. The upper of this product is tear-resistant, offering unceasing smoothness.

The stretchability feature is the big plus point of this climbing shoe in case you have wide feet. Besides, since the toe of the shoe expands width-wise, the footwear fits perfectly on your feet without any discomfort.

That’s not all! The shoe comes with some great features which highlight its tagline ‘Value-for-Money.’

Pros & Cons

Great breathabilityUncomfortable heel cup
Excellent comfortHard to get on
Great sensitivityNot best for edging
Lightweight model
Great size options
Less stinky
Reasonably priced

Feature Highlights

  • Designed with 100% split grain leather
  • Includes single-strand velcro closure system
  • Comes with Stealth C4 4.2 mm rubber outsole
  • Features stiff thermoplastic midsole
  • Features unlined leather upper with half size-stretch
  • Features aggressive downturned toe
  • Comes with the snug-fitting heel for a sensitive and responsive feel

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches 
  • Weight: o.5 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Closure: Velcro Straps
  • Downturn: Aggressive
  • Lining: Unlined
  • Sizes: 13 options
  • Colors: Turquoise/Grey and Grey/Aqua

Here are some of the primary features of the Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe:

Split Grain Leather

This intermediate rock climbing shoe is engineered with 100% split-grain leather that is of high quality. Besides, the material comes with a water-resistant capability, an important feature to look for in climbing shoes.

This leather material is robust enough to protect the shoe from any kind of damage. In the meantime, the leather material can sustain for a long time.

Stealth C4 Rubber Sole

The shoe’s rubber feels very comfortable and great to touch. Despite its thickness, the Stealth C4 4.2mm rubber sole offers the shoe a noticeable sensitivity, letting you feel in touch with the contours of every hold.

Likewise, the rubber sole provides high traction with the surfaces. This grippy outsole will put you calmly on edge. Besides, your foot gets edging support from the relative stiffness of the midsole. Additionally, this sole is breathable and provides exceptional air circulation so that you feel fresh every time you use this shoe.

Unlined Leather Upper û Half-Size Stretch

The unlined leather upper û with half size-stretch gives this Hiangle shoe a comfortable feel and more efficiency in climbing. It provides a solid grip with your toes as too tight or too loose can make your feet feel uncomfortable during a day-long climb.

Your toes won’t sweat even if you wear this climbing shoe in the hot weather as it is stretchable, making you feel comfortable while climbing.

Single-Strand Velcro Closure System

With the inclusion of a single-strand velcro closure system, this climbing shoe offers a secure grip in case of an emergency. Moreover, the closure makes it convenient to open and close the shoe whenever you need to during your climb.

Snug-Fitting Heel

The snug-fitting heel of this climbing shoe combines with the thinner rubber that makes the back end of the shoe sensitive and responsive. Similarly, the heel rand delivers more stealth rubber grip, and the inside of the rubber comes dotted with holes to offer more cling.

Additionally, the heel cup conforms perfectly to the average size heel. The rear end offers excellent support without being very stiff.

Comfort and Fit

The climbing shoe has an asymmetric shape that curves the big toe, focusing power over the toe for accurate placements on small holds. The downturn and heel tension of the shoe are moderate, adding comfort at the cost of power at the toe. Similarly, the unlined leather stretches a bit and forms to the foot for precise fitting and added comfort.

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Other Options Worth Exploring

La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes

  • Features leather upper for a soft and comfortable fit
  • Includes tensioned heel rand for high-end performance
  • Includes 5mm XS Edge Rubber outsole offering a solid grip
  • Features the Powerhinge to support the underfoot
  • Shoes can be resoled once damaged
  • Features a slip-lasted design
  • Features moderately downturned toe

La Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoes

  • Engineered with synthetic material
  • Features slip-lasted design
  • Comes with highly breathable tongue and lining for moisture management
  • Features slightly downturned toe and subtle asymmetry
  • Includes P3 midsole and Vibram XS Edge rubber for incredible edging
  • Features Lorica synthetic leather toe box for optimizing edging power
  • Features medium-asymmetrical toe box for great precision and sensitivity
  • Includes leather/Lorica upper and pacific lined forefoot for comfort

Evolv Defy Climbing Shoes

  • Designed with synthetic material
  • Features Teardrop MX-P 1mm half-length midsoles that add edging power without sacrificing flexibility and sensitivity
  • Includes high-performance 4.2mm TRAX high-friction rubber soles
  • Comes with hook-and-loop straps for easy on and off
  • Includes new antimicrobial mesh to eliminate odor
  • Features flexible and durable synthetic suede uppers to resist stretching
  • Features an asymmetrical toe profile for comfort and sensitivity
  • Comes with a slip-lasted design
  • Includes dual heel loops to ease entry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The design of this climbing shoe should make it easy to get on and off. The downside of the Hiangle is the fact that the footwear has a very narrow strip of stretchy material on the top, which creates difficulty for the wide-footed climbers to get their feet crammed into the shoe. However, the velcro strap is super easy to secure and adjust once on.

This climbing shoe could work in some cracks, but it is too downturned to be functional in almost everything from hand cracks to finger cracks. Despite being narrow, the toe is fairly blunt and rounded. It makes the shoe hard to fit in small crevices where a tapered toe box is a better bet.

Overall, the slipper-like design shapes the foot like a glove, which contributes to the overall sensitivity of the footwear.

Here are the size options (US) that you can get with this climbing shoe:


Our Opinion

All in all, the Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe is a high-performance rock climbing and bouldering shoe that offers an excellent combination of edging power, comfort, and sensitivity. With the reasonable price tag, an aggressive toe shape, and a soft midsole, this footwear delivers an excellent fit for your climbing needs.

Since the shoe is not that stiff, it is not the best option for edging. Though the footwear is not excellent in all areas, it certainly justifies its tagline, “Value-for-Money.”