Handlebar Grips with Turn Signals? RideOut Firefly Reviewed

If you are a cyclist living in a location with plenty of lanes, sharing the road with drivers can be risky. Oftentimes, these fast heavy vehicle drivers cannot see you. It is tough to coexist on the road with drivers when you are more vulnerable to injury in case of an accident.

So, what can make the world a safer place for cyclists?

Any innovation that helps to improve your visibility and safety on the road is valuable. Here we have reviewed a handlebar grip with turn signals by Firefly. It is complete with the detailed features of the product, pros, and cons, along with some common FAQs.

Let’s get right into it.

Firefly Bike Handlebar Grips with Built-in Turn Signals

Comfortable Ergonomic Shape

Features Highlights

  • Shockproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Uv resistant
  • Soft padded rubber
The Firefly Bike Handlebar Grips with built-in turn signals reduces fatigue by keeping your wrist straight. Straighter wrists improve proper blood circulation to the hands and wider grip size allows you to rest your hand in a more natural position. It features a locking screw that can hold the grips firmly in place after installation. Check Price on Amazon


  • Weight:

    11 ounces

  • Length:

    6.25 inches

  • Width:

    OD: 1.25" ID: 22mm

  • Handlebar size:

    Fits All Straight Bars w/22mm ID


  • It is adjustable.
  • The grips are available with the batteries.
  • It is ergonomically good.
  • It is perfect for riding at night.
  • Screw sets have a locking mechanism.
  • It is bright and durable.


  • Locking screws are very small.
  • The turning lights are almost invisible during the daytime.
  • It adds length to your handlebars making it difficult to maneuver between cars or on very narrow roads.
  • Vehicles need to be in light of sight to your handlebars to see the signal.
  • It does not work with curly or bullhorn handlebars.


The RideOut Firefly bike grips are designed with built-in LED turn signals. It is a piece of essential equipment for nighttime riders, urban commuters. You can also use it on a child’s bike with straight 22mm ID handlebars for additional safety.

Check Price on Amazon

FAQs on Handlebar Grips with Turn Signals?

The standard size of straight bars and mountain bike bars works well.

The required minimum internal diameter of the grip is 22 mm.  

Final Words,

The ergonomic handlebar with built-in turn signal indicators allows you to be seen and keeps you safe. The lights will turn on with a simple push of a button, and turn off automatically after 30 seconds. You can indicate turns without removing your hand from the handlebars with its bright LED amber lights.