Organic Simple Pad Review

Organic Simple Pad Review

Crash Pad is to bouldering as a rope is to climbing.

A top-quality and thickly padded crashpad protects boulderers during the fall. Such pad has top-quality foams with a durable shell.  And it has the capacity to keep you uninjured from the falls.

Organic Simple Pad from Organic Climbing is one of such top-quality crashpads that has taken the market by the storm.

Organic Simple Pad Features

  • Local, hand-made product
  • 36” x 48” landing surface
  • Metal buckles
  • Foldable to 36″ x 24″ x 8″ for carrying
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Belt with 2” thickness
  • 1050d ballistics shell
  • 1000d Cordura pad top
  • Hybrid hinge design
  • Customizable background color
  • Refillable foam
  • Easily transportable
  • No extra unwanted features

Organic Climbing uses one the best foams to build Simple Pad. Simple Pad has put a hard foam in between two layers of soft open-celled foam. The foams are durable and do not lose their shape even after years of abuse.

Boulderers have used Simple Pads in the extreme and rough surfaces of Joshua Tree in California, Joe’s Valley in Utah, Red Rock in Nevada, and many other bouldering spots. And these pads have stood firm against all.

Simple Pad has a large sealed pocket where you can put the essential items that you need while going for bouldering. The items could be tape, snacks, water bottle, car keys, or anything else. Moreover, you can also stuff some additional materials between the folds while carrying it.

If you want to attach a flap, then Organic Climbing offers you Load Flap that lets you bundle up to 3 crashpads onto your back easily. So, you can easily piggyback additional pads onto your Simple Pad.

The pad has adjustable shoulder straps, sternum stabilizer, and hip belt for stable and easy carrying. Furthermore, the pad is compatible with Deluxe Hip Belt for additional support.

Organic Climbing uses 1050 d ballistics shell, 1000d Cordura pad top, hybrid hinge, and adjustable shoulder straps. With the use of only the finest of materials, Organic Simple Pad has become one of the top sellers of crashpads in the market.

Organic Simple Pad

NameOrganic Simple Pad
ManufacturerOrganic Climbing, Pennsylvania
Weight11 pounds
Landing Surface36”x 48”
Cushion1″ hard foam and 3″ soft foam
Easy Grab HandlesThree
Shoulder StrapsPadded, height adjustable, and solid
Hip Belt2” thick, hook and loop
Grab Handle3
Color CombinationUnique (Custom)
Shell1050d ballistic nylon
Pad Top1000d Cordura
Open Size36″ x 48″ x 4″
Folds Down To36″ x 24″ x 8″
Best UseBouldering
ProsLightweight, refillable foam, durable, hybrid hinge design
ConsNo pocket, break-in period required for the foam

Organic Simple Pad Design

Simplicity at its best, Simple Pad has a pretty simple design. With no extra bells or whistles, Organic Climbing has made this pad really a great option to consider. There are no extra pocket flaps or some other features that you hardly use. Simple Pad uses a bright colored shell with unique patterns. The manufacturer makes sure every pad is well-stitched and has a great finish.

If you want your unique design in the Organic Simple Pad then you can pay the extra charge and order the desired pad.

Foam Quality

Organic Climbing has used a mix of memory foam, densified urethane rubber, and open cell foam in the Simple Pad. The foam offers a nice balance between softness and rigidness for safe falls.

Simple Pad remains in great shape even after years of use. So, you can use this pad on hard, irregular and rough surfaces for years without having to deal with the performance issue. And the quality foam that Organic Climbing has used in the Simple Pad deserves all the credit.

Shell Durability

The manufacturer uses 1050d Cordura to make the outer shell of Simple Pad. Likewise, the pad has 1000d Cordura on the landing surface. These strong shell materials prevent wear and tear even if you use your pads extensively for years.

Carrying System

A comfortable carrying system is must for bulky pieces of equipment like crash pads. Organic Simple Pad uses a comfortable and adjustable carrying system for easy carrying and transporting.

Simple Pad has a hybrid hinge and three convenient grab handles for easy handling. The pad uses padded shoulder straps with height adjusting options. The shoulder straps are removable as well.

It also has a sternum stabilizer that helps in stabilizing the weight and the hip belt to transfer your weight to your hip. The hip belt is compatible with their Deluxe Hip Belt which provides extra support. Likewise, you can buy their Load Flap which helps to piggyback multiple pads to your Simple Pad.

To sum up, Organic Climbing has used an excellent carrying system.

Organic Simple Pad Review

Weight of Simple Pad

With the use of top-quality foams and fabrics, the pad weighs about 11 pounds. Organic Climbing has avoided using any flashy and rarely useful features that could add a significant amount of weight to the pad. As the name suggests, Simple Pad is plainly simple and has only the must-have features of a crash pad.

Customization Option

With Organic Climbing, customers get a lot of benefits. You can customize the landing zone with your choice of background and accent colors. As you get the chance to pick the color and pattern of your pad, you can give your pad a unique look.

Likewise, if you want to add some extra features to your Simple Pad, you can contact the manufacturing factory in Pennsylvania. But, you also have to pay extra dollars if you want to add extra features.

Organic Simple Pad Price

You can get Organic Simple Pad at just $175. You can directly purchase these pads from the manufacturers so, you do not have to pay extra to the retailers. So, at such a price rate, you are getting a pad that otherwise could have been a hundred dollar more.

Furthermore, Organic Climbing offers you customization options on the design of your Simple Pad. No other crash pad manufacturers offer you customization options on an individual pad at such a price rate.

So, at $175, we feel Organic Simple Pad is a bargain for boulders. There are no better pads at this price.

Major Pros of Organic Simple Pad

So now, let’s look at the major advantages that you have if you buy this pad. With the quality-built and well-stitched materials, Simple Pad has easily grabbed the attention of boulderers. Here is why they have shown the interest.

  • Climbers get the confidence while spotting these pads underneath them while they are bouldering. No climbers have questioned on the quality and impact-bearing capacity of the foam. So, while you are trying to grab that next difficult hold, you still have the feeling there is a strong and quality mat lying below to protect you even if you fall.
  • They last for years; longer than any other crash pads that you find in the market.
  • A large sealed pocket on the back of the Simple Pad can be pretty useful to keep your stuff. So if you cannot take your car to the bouldering zone, then you may have some other essentials like a car key, shoes, water bottle, etc. to carry with your pad.
  • When you fold the pad, you can place your extra accessories between the folds. So, you have enough space to carry your essentials while you make your way for bouldering.
  • The 1050d ballistic nylon shell is so durable that your pad looks fine even after years of use. Plus, it has great stitching.
  • The shoulder straps height is adjustable. So, you can adjust the shoulder straps to a level that you feel most comfortable to carry your pad.
  • Hybrid Hinge Design is another positive side of Organic Simple Pad. With this design, the pad has a solid 1” layer of foam extending across the top surface of the pad. So, the uppermost extending layer creates a seamless landing surface. It makes sure the foam withstand the impact of bigger falls. A hinge splits rest of the underlying layers of foam. Moreover, hybrid hinge also protects your foam from breaking due to folding.

There are also things that climbers may dislike about this pad. Here are the downsides of Organic Simple Pad.

  • These Pads are heavier than other similar sized pads. This is due to the unique foam that Organic Climbing has used for better durability and strength to withhold the impact of bigger falls.
  • Simple Pad is a bit expensive as compared to other common pads of its sizes. But when it comes to safety, you cannot afford to compromise at all.
  • Some boulderers complain about delicate buckle. But, this is their personal experience and does not have anything to do with the quality of the entire products.
  • The outer shell of the pad tends to hold a thin layer of dust if not cleaned regularly.
  • Due to the stiffness of the pad, you cannot use it to cover odd boulders and gaps. But, the stiffness is what you need in your crashpad. If your pad is not rigid enough, you may bottom out the landing that may result in injuries.

To Sum Up,

Organic Simple Pad is among the best crashpads on the market. Many boulderers prefer an Organic Simple Pad underneath them than any other crashpads.

The quality and unique foam that the Simple Pad has and the durability of it are what make it a revolutionary product. The ultimate role of a crash pad is to protect you when you fall. And Organic Simple Pad fulfills its duty in the best possible way.