Schwalbe One Review

Are you a road racer who is on the lookout for a quality race tire? Getting a good tire can take up a few extra bucks from your pockets but makes it worth it. Know more about general bike tires here. The Schwalbe One road bike tire offers almost everything you need to make a significant difference in your riding output.

Let’s talk more about these tires that are tough enough for a race.

Riding has never been more fun than with The Schwalbe One tires. They give you more confidence in entering bends and roundabouts without scrubbing off much speed in the process.

Here we have a complete review with pros and cons, feature highlights, product details, and some detailed features of The Schwalbe One tires. We have also added some FAQs that might help you understand these tires better.

Schwalbe One Tire

Features Highlights

  • 4 colors optional
  • Rolling resistance
  • Easy to mount
  • Ranges of sizes
  • Puncture resistant
It is designed with MicroSkin rubber compound, V-Guard puncture protection, and an extremely lightweight casing. The Schwalbe One comprises all the features to serve you with excellent performance throughout the ride. The tread on this tire is the same as the Schwalbe Pro One tire. The Schwalbe One tire is the replacement of the Ultremo tire produced by Schwalbe. These tires are sleek and provide the best traction on good roads. The tires, available only in black, contain carbon black whereas colored treads rely on amorphous silica as a “filter”. The silica is a pale crystalline white tread that can be dyed in bright colors. Check Price on Amazon


  • Dimension:

    11 x 4 x 4 inches

  • Compound:


  • Manufacturer:


  • Tire Type:

    Tube Type (clincher)

  • Price Range:


  • Bead:


  • Max Pressure:


  • Max psi Rating:

    85 to 130 psi

  • Item Weight:

    10.4 ounces

  • Available colors:

    Red, White, and Blue

  • Available sizes:

    23-622 (700x23c), 25-622 (700x25c), 28-622 (700x28c), 30-622 (700x30c), 25-584 (650x25b), 23-571 (650x23c), 23-520 (24x0.90), 28-406 (20x1.10)


  • Great speed
  • Excellent comfort
  • Allows fancy color coordinating
  • Easy to mount
  • Great size options
  • Works for both short and long rides
  • Rides well in all temperatures
  • Reasonably priced


  • Possibility of sidewall blowout in the front tire
  • Wears out too quickly
  • Lettering fades out too quickly
  • Not the best QC


In general, tubular tires are more supple than clinchers. But with the progress in technology, the gap between them has narrowed. Even the best of clincher tires lack some nebulous quality present in tubulars.

But, these Schwalbe tires are improved and you cannot discern even a subtle difference. They are as supple as tubular tires.

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Schwalbe Tires Technologies

Evo Line

The Evo line tires have the highest-grade materials to the best possible standard. Some of the latest technology is used in the making of the Evo Line Schwable’s top range of tires.


The LiteSkin tires have thin sidewalls. This reduces its overall weight and gives it a lower rolling resistance.


It was developed with a special focus on racing. A synthesis of special India rubber along with several different layers of nylon fabric offers effective protection against penetration punctures. There is a minimal increase in the rolling resistance and weight of these tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a special version of a clincher tire, billed as “Folding Tire”.

It is slick with no directional tread. So, you do not require a directional rotation for installation.